A New Equilibrium

How communities work-

Communities, large and small in America, are governed by the natural tendency toward disorganization. It is governmental structures, administrative processes and social/cultural norms that are the bonds that tie civilization together.

Therefore society, systems and organizations require equilibrium to survive. Equilibrium should not be confused with equality. It is about balance within a society. It doesn’t always recognize concepts such as fairness, human rights or justice. Consider the French Revolution, the Civil War or the civil rights movement in the past and the gender equality and #MeToo movements today. The history of civilization is replete with societies that reached an equilibrium while cloaking its inequalities. Eventually, disruptions occur when attempts to address inequalities  create disequilibrium.

When disruptions occur, communities or countries attempt to recover balance either by using authority to maintain the status quo or by changing and adapting to create a new equilibrium. The survival instinct or search for equilibrium tends to highlight choices between exerting more authority to restore order or adaptive change to move toward a new equilibrium. 


 Tony Collins

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