Why I Feel Some Hope This Juneteenth

A friend sat me down this week for an interview about my experience being Black in America and what I thought about the current movement for racial equity.  Here are some excerpts:

Q. What do you think has to happen for that new world to become reality?

A. In America the predominant value has to become a commitment to becoming antiracist. Its not enough to be polite and kind and neutral, everyone has to be focused on stamping out racism the same way we are trying to end cancer, stop drunk driving and end gun violence. We have to rethink everything because our society is built on an incomplete history.

Q. What would you say to black people who are watching BLM unfold?

A. Resistance to oppression and tyranny is an American story. African people have been resisting enslavement and discrimination since 1619. Those stories went untold. Progress in this country has always come from an alliance of people of color, progressive thinking and people of faith pursuing the real American dream. Reject any effort designed to diminish your Blackness.

Register, vote, and remember to say their names, ALL their names, because Black Lives Matter.

You can find the full article here.

Sara Collins at BLM Plaza, DC Photo credit-LA Collins


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