Decade of Decisions

Yes, this decade will be an inflection point in American history.  The COVID-19 pandemic and the death of George Floyd have provided a universal platform for the long overdue call for racial equity. These events have made it impossible for any morally founded, rational person to ignore society’s major flaws and pine for a return to the past. Certainly, there are people who deny the existence of the pandemic and those who refuse to admit the prevalence of racial inequalities. But in all but the last bastions of “plausible ignorance” there is an awareness of the presence of racism. That awareness is reflected in a myriad of expressions of concern from all corners of society.  The question that lingers is are we as a society concerned enough to commit to transformational changes? Are we prepared to truly evaluate our roles in maintaining the status quo? Are we ready to make the tough decisions necessary to change direction?

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