The Work

Blake Collins Group

Community Engagement

Whether you call it Strategic Planning, Collective Impact or Strategic Doing, communities are in the process of assembling the elements of change. The intriguing concepts, the best strategies, or the most well conceived plans are only as meaningful as the ability to engage the community and key stakeholders in supporting the change. Community engagement requires agreement on an aspirational direction, acceptance of creative but practical plans for moving in the new direction and finally trust in the entities or individuals responsible for leading the change.  BCG is experienced in assisting communities, governments, civic and business leadership to identify the aspirational direction, embrace the change and collaborate in the implementation of the plans.

Public Relations and Communications

In todays world, Public Relations and Communication are  dynamic processes requiring constant reputation and image maintenance, agility and a willingness to study and respond to new narratives.  Blake Collins Group designs clear, unique, and practical solutions to complex public relations challenges. A primary strength of BCG is the development and implementation of integrated communications strategies that consider new narratives and the change process. 

 Crisis Management

A standard definition of a crisis is the occurrence of an unexpected event that creates uncertainty and threatens a major goal. The reality is the organization of today often experiences a crisis because their environment is so dependent on the status quo that engaging in active listening to communities or participating in uncomfortable conversations is not a priority. BCG is skilled at the classic responses to crisis management and has also developed a system to analyze an organizations narrative against emerging community trends to proactively prepare for change. The best crisis management strategy is to identify potential challenges and prepare to engage the future.

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