Decade of Decisions

Yes, this decade will be an inflection point in American history.  The COVID-19 pandemic and the death of George Floyd have provided a universal platform for the long overdue call for racial equity. These events have made it impossible for any morally founded, rational person to ignore society’s major flaws and pine for a return … More Decade of Decisions

Florida This Week

Florida This Week is West Central Florida’s longest-running primetime public affairs program. Moderator Rob Lorei leads a diverse roundtable of journalists, academics, officials, and other political insiders for lively talk. In this episode, the Parkland massacre was one year ago and the battle to end gun violence continues. One multi-millionaire mayoral candidate criticizes another multi-millionaire for … More Florida This Week

A New Equilibrium

How communities work- Communities, large and small in America, are governed by the natural tendency toward disorganization. It is governmental structures, administrative processes and social/cultural norms that are the bonds that tie civilization together. Therefore society, systems and organizations require equilibrium to survive. Equilibrium should not be confused with equality. It is about balance within … More A New Equilibrium

Risk Experts on Boards Still Not a Given

April 10, 2017 By Tony Chapelle, Agenda Week Governance observers disagree about designating board members to serve as risk experts. Fewer than 20% of Fortune 500 directors serve on a board that has designated any member as a risk expert. That’s an “astonishingly low number,” according to an investigation that reviewed the biographies of more … More Risk Experts on Boards Still Not a Given

Florida This Week

Florida This Week: April 22, 2016  Tony Collins joins Rob Lorei to discuss: major developments in the race for U.S. Senate; Congresswoman Gwen Graham says she will not run for re-election but she may run for governor in 2018; The state turns down a quarter of a billion dollars in help for homeowners who are … More Florida This Week

Quest for Excellence

Michael E. Collins-2016 To optimize performance, a leader has to balance strategic agility and dependable operational excellence. As it relates to strategy, it is important to have a portfolio of activities to pursue if the skill set and competency exists in your operation. In a rapidly changing environment, I advocate linking elements of an organizations … More Quest for Excellence